We invite you to travel with us on our Sound Journey

Group Sound Meditation

A one-and-a-half hour group session with a focus on listening to the instruments with intention. Deep listening, allowing the vibrations to penetrate the heart and mind, will bring restoration and open up possibilities for mindful decision-making.

We will post the dates and times for this session.

Improv for Healing

Because we live in a world of high demands, this group session opens a space for improvisation with  instruments, singing, corporal expression, story-telling, laughing, sharing ideas, dreams and positive memories. Freedom to be ourselves brings us into contact with your creative self. 


 Individual Sound Sessions

An intimate session for contemplation, insight and relief from stress. This session is especially effective when there is a specific condition, either physical or emotional, that needs to be addressed. Perhaps you are a care-giver, a teacher or professional who serves others. Perhaps you are a performer under pressure or you have a pending audition. Maybe you have a physical wound or you are in pain, or you just  need some extra TLC (Tender Loving Care) and a bit of time for yourself; this is the session for you.

You may call or email us an inquiry to schedule your session.

      Voice and Drumming

A group or individual session where we use the voice to open up channels for self-healing. This is a time for free vocal expression with chanting, toning, harmonizing and improvising. Drumming and body percussion bring out our matural rythm. Activating our ability to make music, spontaneously, increases confidence and liberates the heart from anxiety.

You may call or email us an inquiry to schedule a session or join a group. 

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