Order out of Caos?

If you're like me, you want things to be under control. You expect to see visible progress from your efforts and it puts you at ease to measure results. Well, My Friend, life isn't exactly what we expect. There are times when everything flies into the air and chaos reigns. Those are the times when we're tested for patience, confidence and letting go.

If we observe the world man has built, its structured, usually square and made of dead material. Nature, however, seems to be unstructured, uneven and alive. The tree outside your window grows in unsymmetrical patterns, vines will take over the garden and flower patches will be overgrown with weeds if we don't do our part.

Back in the Middle Ages, two monks in a monastery decided to invent a musical structure they could calculate mathematically and control. Their careful study gave birth to our 13 note scale, the basic pattern for all Western music. Classical composers, song-writers, churches and sanctuaries adopted this scale and wrote sublime musical compositions that cemented our cultural heritage.

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