•  90 minute group session (0 -15 participants and 2-3 practitioners): A complete Sound Bath with healing instruments, voice-work and drumming. Customized package arrangement for six sessions (within 6 months). Suggested: one corporate session per month.

  • 60 minute group session (0-15 participants and 2 practitioners): An hour of deep listening with singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks and more. Suggested 2 sessions per month. Customized package arrangement for 12 sessions.

  • 25 minute individual sessions: A refreshing break in the workday with a short but powerful Sound Meditation designed for the needs of each individual $60 each. Customized package arrangement for 12 sessions within 6 months. Suggested: twice a month.

These sessions are especially designed with the corporate life-style in mind. HeartTones understands the high demands of the fast-paced world of business and entrepreneurship. Sound therapy will target the negative impact of a competitive work environment by directing peaceful vibrations to the core of the nervous system. When this experience is shared by a team, there may be a noticeable improvement in the company's overall productivity and working relationships.

Please let us know your needs and request a quote by email or on the contact page of this site. 

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