HeartTones Sound and Music Practitioners welcome you to join the fast growing number of companies providing Sound Therapy in the workplace! When sound frequencies are channeled properly, they become tools for personal wellness with scientifically proven results.


Benefits for the Employee:

  • reduces stress

  • strengthens the immune system

  • clears the mind and relaxes the body 

  • increases focus, creativity and joyfulness 

  • decreases physical tension 

  • scientifically proven to alleviate insomnia,

depression, anxiety, high blood pressure

and more.


Overall benefits for the Company:

  • decreases sick days

  • boosts creativity

  • boosts employee morale 

  • enhances corporate reputation 

  • strengthens teamwork

  • reduces employee turnover 

  • improves focus and productivity 


 The Sound Bath Experience:


A Sound Practitioner will play specific Sound Healing instruments that bring the group into a deeply relaxed state. Everyone will leave feeling refreshed and clear of mind. A Sound Bath is restorative and non-invasive. Read more about Sound Therapy. 


"There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind."

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